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Blue Stem Environmental Education is where we champion the cause of comprehensive environmental education for children across all age groups, from preschool to middle school. Our unique, handcrafted learning materials are designed to stir curiosity, deepen understanding of the natural world and cultural history, and encourage creativity.

Meet Our Team

Behind Blue Stem Environmental Education, you'll find a dedicated team passionate about education:

  • Martha Carver : Head of School at Rock Prairie Montessori School, trained Montessori guide, Instructional Guide for the Center for Guided Montessori Studies, Montessori presenter and consultant, and a proud Montessori parent and grandparent.
  • Andy Carver : Our artisan and shipping guru, Andy crafts the games with skill and care, ensuring they reach you in perfect condition.
Blue Stem Environmental Education

Engage in the wonders of life sciences with "Naturalist in a Box." This enriching experience introduces children to a vocabulary that includes terms like carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, mammals, predator, prey, phylum, and more. Featuring 18 animals from around the world, this educational tool fosters an understanding of ecological interconnectedness and the role of humankind. "Naturalist in a Box" is designed to make complex concepts accessible, matching children's curiosity and motivation.

Immerse yourself in the past with our handcrafted historic replicas of Native, First Nation, and Indigenous Games. From lacrosse to double ball, spear hunting game, and feather darts, these games offer a hands-on experience that is both enjoyable and skill-building. Incorporating movement and coordination, these games contribute to academic, cultural, and physical education goals, providing a unique way to learn about history and Indigenous heritage.

Introducing our latest addition – A-Z Initial Sound Boards designed for toddlers and young preschool children. These boards, featuring high-quality schleich animals and large objects, provide a multisensory approach to experiencing letters. Children develop executive function skills by matching three-dimensional animals with corresponding pictures, tracing sandpaper letters, and working with moveable letters. Our handcrafted, child-sized tray enhances the learning experience.

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